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Bond :

The important assumption made in the theory of reinforced concrete is that there is a perfect bond between steel and concrete.they have to act together with out any slip. due to bond only the force will be transeferred to the steel from the surrounding concrete and to concrete from steel.

Bond stress:

Bond stress is the shear stress acting parallel to the bar on the interface between the reinforcing bar and the surrounding concrete.hence,it is the stress developed between the contact surface of steel and concrete to keep them together.its resists any force that tries to pull out the rods from the concrete.

Bond is developed due to combined effect of

a) adhesion between concrete and steel
b) friction (provided by gripping of bars due to shrinkage of concrete)
c) interlocking of ribs in bars with concrete

Bond stress depends on grade of concrete,diameter of the bar,bar profile condition,nature of force in the bar,grouping of bars,bends and hooks in the bar. the values of design bond stress precribed by IS 456-2000 are given



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